Donald Trump Hires Prestigous Law Firm to Pen Certified Letter!

You may have heard about this.
The White House is having a law firm prepare a certified letter that would show that Trump currently has no business links with Russia. The letter would then be delivered to Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC).

Tonight, Trump informed Lester Holt that he now has said letter and it’s been given to Graham.

“I just sent a letter from Lindsey Graham from one of the most prestigious law firms in the country that I have nothing to do with Russia,” the President said.

After highlighting some past business dealings he’d had with Russians, such as the Miss Universe Pageant and selling a house to a Russian billionaire, he let Holt know once more he had a letter.

“I have a certified letter, just so you understand,” Trump noted. “I’m not just saying that.” Explaining again that Graham has the letter, he concluded by saying that “it says I’m not involved in Russia.”
Imagine the filthy lucre said prestigious law firm charged Trump to write a letter.

No disrespect to Lindsey Graham but while he's at it, Trump should have the prestigious law firm write a letter on his behalf to God.